How To Order Your Custom Branded Rolling Papers or Any Custom Promotional Item!

The Simple Custom Rolling Paper or Custom Promotional Item ordering process from start to finish.

*Note that discounts are available for large quantities or a variety of products (packages).

1. Custom Order

Work with your salesperson to determine selection of Custom Rolling Papers and/or other Custom Promotional Products Order along with any other Promotional Products we can provide.

2. Dimensions

If your are interested in Custom Rolling Papers you will now decide which Size or Sizes you would like. We currently offer 1-1/4 Standard, 1-1/4 in Square Booklet, Business Card Style-Double Feed 1-1/4, 1-1/4 Booklets with Filter Tips Attached, King Size Slim, King Size Slim Square, True King Size, True King Size Square, Super King Size and Super King Size Square. All booklets can be printed Flat, Glossy, Foil or Holographic. If you are interested in any other Custom Promotional Product you will work with your Salesperson regarding Size Options.

3. Order Quantities

We have a minimum of 1000 booklets per type for Custom Branded Rolling Papers. Minimums on other Custom Products vary. Ask your salesperson. If you are interested in Promotional Items that are not Custom, again, speak with your salesperson. Minimum quantities vary. Note that discounts are available for large quantities and/or a variety of products. Also, choose one Bonus Option for each group of 5000 Custom Rolling Papers.

Bonus Options

  1. 5000 Custom Lighter Stickers (Standard or Mini) or
  2. Custom Boxes per 5000 Booklets or
  3. Expedited Shipping per 5000 Booklets

*Note that Standard Shipping, Graphics, Customs and FDA Registration (For Custom Rolling Papers) always included.

4. Quote/Proposal

Todd Holland Custom Promotions (THCP) will generate and deliver an Invoice/Contract based on decisions made above for your approval. We are able to accommodate any internal Accounting needs required. If your ready to order just use our website. Add to cart your items and only pay 50% down to get started. Excludes lighters and items under 500.00.

5. Contract

Before Custom Product work can begin THCP requires return of our Invoice/Contract signed by a Company Officer.

6. Deposit

Before Custom Product work can begin THCP requires a Standard Deposit of 50% of Total Invoice.

7. Design

All design work is included. We can work with anything. If you have nothing, we will work with you using photos, descriptions, etc. If you have existing art, we will incorporate it. Existing logos, ideas, colors, whatever. If your company prefers to create it's own art, we will provide templates and work with your artist to realize your vision. Always 100% Free. No Hidden Charges.

8. Art Approval

As soon as you are happy with Design and provide Signed Approval your art will be sent to our Factory and Production will begin.

9. Delivery

Delivery times vary. Your Salesperson can provide specific delivery information.

  1. Many Non-Custom Promotional Items can be delivered in 7 Days.
  2. Some Custom Promotional Products can be delivered in between 7 and 20 days after Art Approval.
  3. Custom Rolling Papers will be delivered in between 5 and 8 weeks after Art Approval. If you choose Expedited Shipping we are often able to deliver your Custom Branded Rolling Papers in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

10. Branding

Unpack and begin building your Brand. Be sure to call us with re-orders before you run out.

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